Attitude Magazine – Number 82: Discover (Israel, Special Edition) – Cover
Attitude Magazine – Number 82: Discover (Israel, Special Edition) – Inside 01
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Attitude Interior Design Magazine

Attitude Interior Design Magazine – Number 82: Discover (Israel, Special Edition) (Deficiencies copy)

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ATTITUDE Interior Design is a bimonthly international magazine focused on Interiors, Architecture, Design, Art and Lifestyle, with a worldwide distribution and based in Porto, Portugal.

In this edition dedicated to Israel, it’s worth stating the aims of our most recent visit, in line with our editorial line of discovering new latitudes in the Middle East. Needless to say, this required direct contact, in loco, with the creative energy of emerging talents, in areas that are dear to us such as architecture and art, interior, fashion and product design and photography, while not forgetting the protagonists bringing surprises in the hospitality and restaurant sectors.
We are grateful for the invitation from the Communication and Public Relations agency, Xhibition (, and particularly grateful to Ross Belfer who – together with her tireless team – accompanied us on these intense days, packed with discoveries delivered at a dizzying pace.

Leafing through the magazine, you will notice a particular focus on Tel Aviv, the city we feel provides the best base for exploring the country. It is the greatest exponent of the coexistence between such different peoples, beliefs and cultures; of the Bauhaus style with the 4,000 buildings that comprise the White City (a UNESCO world heritage); of the meeting between East and West; of the harmony between the ancient and ultramodern and, of course, the enormous hospitality the city emanates. Vibrant, eclectic and tolerant, it isn’t easy to convey its magnetism, the je ne sais quoi, and that unique patina that makes Israel’s second largest city one of the most stimulating metropolises of the moment. This discovery inevitably begins in Tel Aviv’s streets, with their endless energy, multicultural feel and infectious optimism. We absorbed so many experiences and stories during this trip, and would have dearly liked to include even more in these pages. Despite this and the natural limits of space, in our Israel Special, you will find a selection, taken from among so many others, of the things that thrilled us the most and which we share over the following pages. We are now determined to keep an even closer watch on this thriving region of the globe, lapped by the Mediterranean Sea.

In Europe, we visited Milan in order to bring you the latest from the world of design presented at Salone del Mobile (page 18), and we also headed for Liguria (northwest Italy) to celebrate 60 years of SanLorenzo, the luxury yacht company (page 36).

Architect with Attitude 
— Pitsou Kedem Architects

Designer with Attitude
— Raw-Edges
— Maayan Zusman
— Marei 1998
— Craft & Bloom

Relax in Public
— The Efendi Hotel
— Elma Arts Complex Luxury Hotel
— Hotel Montefiori
— Hotel Saul
— Dave
— The Vera
— Meshek Barszilay
— CoffeeBar
— Herzl 16

Good Buy
— Papier
— Elemento

— Alcácer do Sal
— Tel Aviv I
— Alvor
— Tel Aviv II
— Tróia
— Tel Aviv III
— Tel Aviv IV

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