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5054 Automotive Magazine – Issue 02

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All-new automotive magazine that celebrates engineering genius and innovation in the widest terms. For thoughtful minds.


12: 50 OBJECTS Numbers 5-8 of our selection of the 50 objects that in one way and another changed the course of the British car industry. This issue we focus on Leslie Hore-Belisha, the Rover V8 engine, Range Rover Stormer concept and Opperman Stirling mini car

22: GLORY OF ITALY The Italian car industry has enthralled and enraged in equal measure. Richard Bremner ponders the glory days and why the industry managed to produce such compelling products, while sighing over some of the more rusty memories

38: ‘ZERO A’ When Senator Agnelli tasked Dante Giacosa to create an inexpensive mass-production car, the result was the pre-war Fiat 500 Topolino. With period material from Fiat’s own archives, this is how it happened, in Giacosa’s own words

46: LANCIA DELTA The extraordinary story of how Fiat’s intended reinvention of Lancia as a moderately upmarket and mainstream brand veered off into the invention of the wildest, most brutal rally car ever conceived

56: FIAT 128 Stephen Bailey looks back at the very first new car he ever bought, which so besotted him with Italian style, he left a tennis racket and Don Giovanni tapes on the back seat to create the right ambience

62: THE ALTERNATIVE PRANCING HORSE Ferrari engines didn’t often find their way into other cars, so we look at half a dozen cars - including two you might not have heard of - powered by Maranello’s own technology

70: PROJECT TYPHOON The Hawker Typhoon Preservation Group’s £6m attempt to revive a brute of a WWII aeroplane that, arguably, helped free France from the Germans

82: DACIA TANGIER Renault’s Tangier plant in Morocco makes Dacia models, and a combination of wind, wood and olive stones means its operation is 93% CO2-free

92: ROVER GAS TURBINE You may know about Rover’s work in creating gas turbine engines for cars, but did you know they explored engines for light aircraft? Here’s the surprising story of the Jet Wot

96: NAZI MOTORWAYS During the 1930s Nazi Germany set out to create a modern motorway network. In 1936 they came to the UK to tell British civil engineers all about it28: FIAT PANDA Using access to the archives, we study the design development of the Panda, from Giugiaro’s earliest pencil sketches right through to the production car, a much-underrated design classic

102: GIRI Our section for future trends, engineering philosophy, alternative thinking and essays on the most interesting vehicles, old and new

104: THE METHANOL ECONOMY The accepted wisdom is that battery or hydrogen power will be the mainstay for vehicles in the future. But one British professor argues persuasively for CO2-free methanol being used in combustion engines - technology which is already in use in nuclear submarines. And we’ll only need a tiny bit of the Sahara to do it

112: MAZDA GETS PHILOSOPHICAL The independent-minded Japanese car maker took 5054 to Japan to reveals an intriguing and all-encompassing philosophy for its next generation of models and powertrains

118: E-GAS Audi has been quietly investing significant sums in the production of CO2-free gas and diesel for automotive fuel and now even has a power station working on the German grid

122: FUTURE BLOG Everything you know is wrong, probably. Here’s the problem with the rise of the Electric Vehicle and autonomous cars - it’s a future that seems to be driven by excitable investors, politicians and professional ‘thinkers’


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