Positive News – Number 97 (Apr–Jun 2019)


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Good journalism about good things
Positive News is the inspiring current affairs magazine. We publish quality, independent journalism about progress and possibility. Positive News magazine offers inspiring stories from across the globe, as well as high-impact photography and illustration, and exquisite design and production.

The joy of fix: claiming the right to repair

The EU is introducing legislation that obliges manufacturers to make their products longer-lasting and easier to repair. But fearless fixers and tenacious tinkerers have long been going further, from running thriving community repair groups, to spreading tips via social media and YouTube. They fix up and spread their smarts: meet the repairers.

Other features include: Sustainable dining • The resurgence of independent UK booksellers • Celebrating black men • Ageing joyfully • The unlikely friends who brought LGBT education to Scotland • Standing up for human rights in Brazil

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