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BRUTUS Magazine

BRUTUS Magazine – Number 961

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Brutus (ブルータス) is a bi-weekly Japanese men’s magazine devoted to pop culture, lifestyles, and culture in Tokyo, Japan by Magazine House.


What kind of space is a comfortable and comfortable place for me?
Living Space Studies in 2022 is entitled "Cozy Room"
Introducing attractive lifestyles by 14 groups of residents in Japan and overseas.
I was also able to visit the residence of artist Yoshitomo Nara.
Overseas editions include Donald Judd's own residence in NY and postmodern masterpieces.
There is also a special feature on the longed-for CABIN (hut).
Book in Book is "LIGHTING" with the theme of lighting.
Living is so free.

table of contents
Special feature
Living Space Studies 2022
Cozy room.

An experiment and editing room for living that makes the best use of materials.
Hiroshi Eguchi Distiller / Yuko Yamamoto Illustrator

An organic space composition nurtured by a mental landscape.
Max Houtzager Creative Director / Sachi Endo Art Director

A small house like a mountain cottage built in a brick warehouse.
Representative of Kosuke Otani <Kolonihave>

A retreat house that makes you feel relaxed.
Takayuki Fujii <Non-native> Designer

A baker's house surrounded by calming light and tranquility.
Nagaya Keisho <Moon and Pierrot> Shopkeeper

Favorite items and rooms.
Yoshifumi Takeda Illustrator

My favorite item.
Hiroshi Ito / Daisuke Matsushima / Jun Maeda / Taichi Saito / H. Takahashi / Atsushi Kashiyama etc.

CABIN A small house that lives in nature.
Villa Fukumura / Lake Villa / Tree Heads / Yomogia

Nara's house. A place where you can interact with yourself.
Yoshitomo Nara Artist

Jean Prouvé's theory of housing.

Urban Industrial Still, Life: Donald Judd
A house that still keeps Donald Judd's philosophy pure.

MEMPHIS A house designed by Ettore Sottsass on the plateau of Maui, Hawaii.
Adrian Olabuenaga / Lesley Bailey Designer

POSTMODERN The house of Charles Jencks, a microcosm called postmodern.
Charles Jencks Architectural critic, landscape architect

LIGHTING Why did you choose this lighting?