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  • BRUTUS Special Edition: Delicious Coffee Textbook – Cover
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BRUTUS Magazine

BRUTUS Special Edition: Delicious Coffee Textbook

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Brutus (ブルータス) is a bi-weekly Japanese men’s magazine devoted to pop culture, lifestyles, and culture in Tokyo, Japan by Magazine House.


Content introduction

Third wave that I can't hear anymore.

No wave?
Kenji Sakaguchi / Yuri Nomura x Daisuke Hamada / Akira Minagawa x Yusuke Kabuki / Kunitomo

Oya Minoru's duel coffee theory.
Blended coffee theory. Takaaki Mori Roaster, <COFFEE COUNTY>
Cooking and coffee theory. Ai Hosokawa Cook
Theory of Morning Coffee. Takuya Kumagai Roaster, <June Deer>

Hotel coffee is also an era of specialty.

A new era of flannel drip.
Kabuki, Coffee Shop Nagatsuki, Gusutafu Coffee

Professional Roundtable Around the specialty situation.

Town Roastery 30

California Then & Now Coffee culture is always from California.

Melbourne coffee guide.

What's Holiday Blend? What is the winter tradition "Holiday Blend"?

A blend of town roasteries.

Coffee news summary.

The potential of coffee beans depends on the mill.

Book in Book
BLEND COFFEE BOOK 42 kinds of delicious blended beans from all over the country!

New wave of coffee maker.

Special essay Yoshio Kataoka called by Morning Coffee

Drink morning coffee here.

I thought it was a roaster, Oya Minoru. “What is delicious coffee after a meal?” Have

a delicious coffee at that restaurant.

Coffee Awamori story.

Is coffee at night a cocktail?