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  • Clutch Magazine – Volume 89 + Men's File – Issue 27 – Cover
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Clutch Magazine

Clutch Magazine – Volume 89 + Men's File – Issue 27

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Covering the vintage scene in Japan, the USA and Europe Men's File features denim and work-wear, hot rods and classic cars, custom motorcycles, surfing, architecture, art and design.

It's about real people doing real things with vast amounts of style. This is a 100% English language publication of 144 pages that comes in a single wrapper with special edition of Clutch magazine (approx. 200 pages). This special edition of Clutch focuses on the leading personalities within the world of vintage-style, their environments, collections and personal take on clothing and wider apparel. Clutch is a Japanese language magazine with well-written English subtitles.

The February issue of CLUTCH Magazine is an oversized joint issue with British men's fashion and culture magazine "men's file". It is a bargain issue that you can enjoy two books in one book.

Midwinter's CLUTCH Magazine introduces navy garments and items derived from them. In the world of men's fashion, there are many items that are derived from military. For example a trench coat. A trench is a trench, derived from the British army in World War I, where trench warfare was fought. The double blazer also has military origins and is also called an officer's coat. When thinking about outerwear in the middle of winter, many of them are derived from the naval uniforms of each country. Duffle coats and pea coats are typical examples. Navy clothing is used on the deck of a ship. It becomes unimaginably cold. Therefore, it is often seen that the function and design are diverted to outerwear in the middle of winter. We have created a rich variety of special features centered on catalogs, styling, and vintage commentaries on items with the motif of traditional British and American naval uniforms.

Also, at the end of the navy garment feature, we added a navy watch. We are asking Tudor, IWC, Breguet, and world-famous watch makers with a track record of delivering to the Navy, as well as vintage watch specialty store owners to introduce their charms and rare items.

In this month's issue, you can't miss the series "The Collectors" at the end of the book. This time, a collector who owns museum-grade treasure vintages from two major brands, Levi's and Lee, will appear. There are several vintages of a level that you can hardly see.

The My WHITE'S BOOTS special feature, where you can enjoy the aging of the king of American boots, Whites Boots, will greatly stimulate the desire to own boots.