Coffee (Alasitas, Bolivia Gesha by Drop Coffee Roasters)
Drop Coffee Roasters

Coffee (Alasitas, Bolivia Gesha by Drop Coffee Roasters)

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Nothing pares better with a magazine, than a delicious cup of coffee.

That’s why we are offering you an outstanding coffee by Drop Coffee Roasters from Sweden:

Alasitas Gesha
lactic fermentation gesha
Bolivia. Rodriguez, Scissor Project
Jasmin – Bubble Tea – White Wine

Bag of 125 g
Whole beans
Limited to 145 bags
Batch: 10713


Drop Coffee Roasters is a coffee roastery based in Stockholm, Sweden, since 2009. They are dedicated to really tasty and sustainably produced coffee, they visit all producers they buy coffee from. They are roasting the coffee carefully with complete focus on the sweetness and vibrancy of each unique coffee, always striving for a clarity in the coffee, without ashy roast flavours.

The scissor experiment – Alasitas Gesha

There are many experiments in processing specialty coffee at the moment. This coffee is lactic processed, which is highly interesting. But there is another experiment, underneath this, that excites us even more; how the coffee has been removed from the branch of the coffee plant and harvested without breaking the coffee cherries structure. Instead of picking the coffee by hand, this method involves cutting them off the branch, cherry by cherry, using scissors. We are not saying this is the direction to go, it is purely an experiment on how to increase the highest level of coffee even more.

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