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  • Courier – Issue 38: Work Better + Live Smarter – Cover
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Courier – Issue 38: Work Better + Live Smarter

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Courier is your favourite bi-monthly publication at the heart of stories of start-up culture and modern business. The magazine looks at stories of how sectors are being disrupted and progressive approaches to work and lifestyle that are defining an emerging generation.

Courier’s annual ‘Work Better + Live Smarter’ issue is jam-packed with loads of stories, case studies, advice, insights and inspiration for carving your own path for the year ahead.

Also in this issue:
-Courier’s 21 big questions for 2021
-How to be better: a monthly guide
-The rise of conscious alcohol brands
-Up-and-coming New Delhi designers
-The joy of Japanese gardening tools
-How to manage a distributed team
-The good life at a Costa Rican surf hotel
-Learn how to scenario plan like a pro
-Turning a T-shirt into venture capital
-A portrait of Alisha Ramos
-Lessons from a mobile dog groomer
-The Malaysian home of Kerol Izwan
-Sunny escapes from Austin to Crete