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  • GO OUT Livin’ – Volume 16 – Cover
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GO OUT Livin’ – Volume 16

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Full of fashionable room styles


A house and a room where you can live surrounded by your favorite things.

A world full of hobbies. Hobby tools are diversifying, for example, "seamless" items that can be used at home or outside if you like camping are popular.

It would be great if I could have more and more hobbies in my life and be surrounded by my favorite things. But is it really possible to live a daily life using tools other than interiors? What's more, even if the gear is mixed with ordinary furniture, will it be fashionable?

That's why even at this GO OUT Livin', I've been researching the homes of hobbyists who live so fashionably that everyone's worries are blown away.
A fun space full of liking as if to say, "This is my hobby." Even so, it has a sense of life and is cool! Let's make an ideal interior with fun this year by referring to this space creation sample.

01 A space that is familiar with vintage, created by renovation and DIY. / Gifu City, Gifu Prefecture
02 Produce a space that gives off a garage-like hobby. /Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture
03 Living alone for the first time is a dream lifestyle where you want to be surrounded only by your favorite clothes. / Kawaguchi City, Saitama Prefecture
04 Free mountain life with all self-building that sharpens the five senses. / Agatsuma District, Gunma Prefecture
05 A life with DIY that is functional and has excellent design, where simplicity is the key. / Itabashi-ku, Tokyo
06 There is a faint expression of camping lovers in the room, and the reason is "biased love". / Akiruno, Tokyo
07 A relaxing home to fully enjoy outdoor play. / Sapporo, Hokkaido
08 A 50-year-old quaint condominium surrounded by nature-rich mountains as a second house. / Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture
09 A life surrounded by gear with self-renovation and "show storage". / Mima District, Tokushima Prefecture
10 Native American bleeding into reddish-brown wood and handicrafts. /Yokohama-city kanagawa prefecture
11 A new, "vintage" house with a warehouse-like space. / Miura District, Kanagawa Prefecture
12 An open living room decorated with American vintage items. / Kamikawa-gun, Hokkaido
13 An exquisite urban taste created by monochrome and green. /Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
14 From the beginning, DIY your own space surrounded by your favorite culture. / Meguro-ku, Tokyo
15 A house with large windows that complements each other with its inorganic interior and outdoor flair. / Suwa District, Nagano Prefecture
16 A home designed as a place where friends can easily gather. /Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
17 It wasn't until I watched the movie "Leon" that I came into contact with the culture of growing plants. /Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
18 If you don't have it, make it and decorate it without waste. A space that maximizes the warmth of wood. /Aichi prefecture
19 A designer house surrounded by collections, filled with encounters once in a while. / Nerima-ku, Tokyo
20 No matter where you cut it, you can see what you like. / Sanuki City, Kagawa Prefecture
21 The room is a canvas. A comfortable and urban space drawn with wood. / Koto-ku, Tokyo
22 Taking advantage of my experience in furniture design, DIY all kinds of furniture in the house. / Sakura City, Chiba Prefecture
23 Make the best use of the goodness of wood to create a house where you can feel the changes of the four seasons. / Kamikawa-gun, Hokkaido
24 For camping enthusiasts, both the dirt floor and the living / dining room of the family, the outdoor atmosphere is perfect. /Osaka-shi, Osaka
25 The “uncomfortable feeling” of plants and lighting that adds a unique mood to the linear furniture space. / Meguro-ku, Tokyo
26 A spacious living room with an American taste and ample storage realized by full renovation. /Saitama, Saitama prefecture
27 Margins and greens that sublimate various miscellaneous “likes” into a single picture. /Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
28 Imagine a mountain lodge when you want to feel the mountains in your daily life. / Chuo-ku, Tokyo
29 The optimal solution of renovation that blends into pop and rugged bikes. /Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
30 Furniture, miscellaneous goods, and plants on the balcony are all about "growing". /Yokohama-city kanagawa prefecture