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  • Heroine – Issue 19 – Cover: Mia Khalifa
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HEROINE – Issue 19

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HEROINE magazine is women's luxury bi-annual magazine covering film, fashion, current events, music, and art.

Mia Khalifa
Reinvented, re-energised and reborn, Mia Khalifa is many things to many people: an influencer with a combined following of over 64 million; a campaign star and fashion-obsessive; and a business owner, having recently launched craft body jewellery brand, Sheytan. Using her platform to call out and raise up, Khalifa is the most liberated she’s ever been.


London-based brand 16Arlington's FW23 collection shimmers – creative director Marco Capaldo is in conversation with model and friend, Adwoa Aboah.

Ivar Wigan and HEROINE fashion director Peghah Maleknejad take a surreal trip through the Metaverse, Alexandre Haefeli and Célia Moutawahid bash together the everyday with the chic for Evolved. PJ Lam reinterprets the best looks from the catwalk in a cut-up, reworked and re-tooled glitchfest for AMAZING FW23, Clare Shilland and Beth Fenton go FULL GOTH in the burbs (it's a mood) and Fabien Monique conjures a glorious world of waterfalls, dark mountains, sisterhood and the underworld. Sophia Wilson shoots real-life surfer gal pals on the beach in Rockaway.

Legendary photographer Ari Marcopoulos shares his latest instalment of CHAOS, a unique zine collaboration only found in the pages of HEROINE.

Plus a new generation of actors to watch – Emma Laird, Ella-Rae Smith, Ariella Glaser and Lexi Underwood – shot by Fabien Kruszelnicki and styled by Steve Morriss.

Language: English