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Hong Kong Coffee Guide

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Hong Kong’s coffee industry has grown steadily over the past decade and is now home to a diverse coffee scene, barista champions, and record-breaking purchases of high- end coffee. Not only has the quality of coffee improved, local brewers are also fixated by the idea of creating a unique coffee experience, through the design of the coffee shop, the ambiance, coffee, and food offerings. This guide will feature a selection of fifty coffee shops in Hong Kong, with a unique perspective into each, understanding their core concept and vision, which is then translated into our writings, and photographs.

Featured coffee shops:
% Arabica, 29 Coffee, Accro Coffee, Amber Coffee Brewery, Artisan Café, Artista Perfetto, Barista Jam, Black Sugar Coffee & Lifestyle, Blue Bottle Coffee, Bones Studio, Brew Bros Coffee, BYO X NODI, Café Life Patisserie & Café, CoCo Espresso, Coffee & Laundry, Coffee of the Day, CoHee Studio, Colour Brown X PHVLO HATCH, Dear Coffee & Bakery, Detour, DOUBLESHOT by Cupping Room, Elephant Grounds, elixir, Ethos, Gwee Coffee & More, Halfway Coffee, Hashtag Coffee, Heima Heima, Hushhush Coffee Division, Joint, JOMO Kitchen & Health Hub, Kaffee House, Knockbox Coffee Company, Little Cove Espresso, Neighbourhood Coffee, NOC COFFEE CO., OMOTESANDO KOFFEE, On The Hill Coffee Bar, One Tenth Coffee, OneThird Coffee, openground, Page Common, Pause It, PRESS THE BUTTON, Rest Coffee Gin, Rings Coffee, Tai Wo Tang, Twenty One From Eight, Urban Coffee Roaster, Winston Coffee

Interviews with:
Noddy Lau (Co-founder of Artista Perfetto), Otherway Lai (co-founder of Coffee & Laundry and Coffee of the Day), Tommy Chui (founder of Halfway Coffee), Patrick Tam (founder of Knockbox Coffee Company), Chester Tam (founder of Ideaology)


Co-Author: THE NEW NORM STUDIO & fo visuals @f.o.v._

Photography: fo visuals @f.o.v._

Specification: Pages 224, measures 155x210mm, paperback, full colour CMYK.