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Hot Rum Cow

Hot Rum Cow – Issue 11 – The America Issue

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Hot Rum Cow is a UK drinks magazine, and labour of love, created by White Light Media. Its aim is to celebrate the wonderful world of drinks by exploring the stories and people behind them.

One Nation under Booze, indivisible, with hoppy beer and classic cocktails for all – welcome to America.

There are no half measures when it comes to alcohol and the USA. Few countries have had a more complex relationship with the delightful/demon drink. They have loved it, they have hated it, they have tried to ban it, they have killed for it. But to this day, from sea to shining sea, pioneering American producers are making some of the most exciting liquor in the world.

Saddle up for issue 11 and enjoy:

  • The long road to Prohibition: Charting the USA’s love-hate relationship with alcohol
  • Lost Spirits: Meet Bryan Davis – distiller, heretic, resurrectionist, mischief-maker, tinkerer with time and scourge of the barrel
  • Drop a hop bomb on your home: Recreating American craft beer classics in your own home
  • No City for Saints: A 36-hour hit-and-run on the USA’s biggest cocktail festival in New Orleans
  • The last juke joint: Another wild night in Alabama’s last juke joint with its remarkable proprietor, Mr Gip
  • Nice ice, baby: Insulin, instant mash, Wonderbras, ice cider … let’s raise a glass to the latest great Canadian invention
  • Find your style: Sip it, shoot it, mix it – the best in Bourbon


And, as if that’s not enough, we launch three brand new series on mastering the morning after, drinkeries of distinction and beautiful booze design.


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