Imagicasa – Summer 2019 – Cover

Imagicasa – Summer 2019

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A world full of inspiration in the palm of your hand

Summer is approaching and maybe you have a pleasant holiday to look forward to. This is the ideal time to relax with a magazine – and maybe also a cocktail – in your hand and let yourself be inspired by all the beauty we bring.

Exclusive travel destinations, retro interiors and colourful works of art are put in the spotlight. We present both international names (Thierry Lemaire, Irakli Zaria, Winter McDermott) and Belgian high-flyers (Balo, Nathalie Deboel). We also bring you the stories of flight attendants working on private jets, the founder of the company Vip & Butler Services and we share tips of a real estate agent in Spain. Looking for something even more exclusive? Then let yourself be enchanted by the latest yacht designs by Oceanco and designer Andy Waugh. And are you still looking for a fun activity this summer? Be sure to visit Boon Gallery in Knokke where some unique works by Picasso will be exhibited.

As you will notice, we have once again collected a tasteful collection of interesting and inspiring subjects for you and we hope to be able to do so for many years to come.

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