It’s A Passion Thing – Issue No. 03 – Cover
It’s A Passion Thing

It’s A Passion Thing – Issue No. 03

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It’s a passion thing is a biannual magazine, celebrating aptitude and passion in creating a style of life.

From the artisanal craftsmanship to the modern digital design and the serial entrepreneur – IT’S A PASSION THING offers a contemporary perspective on making things become reality. Focusing on the identity, personality and individuality of those makers, IT’S A PASSION THING showcases inspirational people, stories ans products form all over the globe. the interviewees open their doors into their process, success stories and failures.

In this issue, we talk to:In the third issue we talked to:

KATIE MELUA – On writing the most personal lyrics for Album No. 8 / FRAMEWORKS BERLIN – Claire d’Orsay and Barbara Fellmann set out to create a business they want to work in / BIEL HUGUET – How to live up to family tradition and keep innovating at the same time / LIZ MICHAEL – From makeup artist to founding a natural paint brand / ZITA COBB – Creating a social business around art, hospitality, furniture making, and cod fishing / HARUMI KURIHARA – From housewife to cooking star / FLOYD – How skateboards inspired two friends to build modern suitcases / KLAUS DISSERTORI – Creating hospitality in South Tyrol / FRANCES VAN HASSELT – Weaving origin into handmade rugs in South Africa / PETER IBSEN – Turning the love of art into a profession, interview by Liz Michael

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