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  • men’s FUDGE – Volume 156: Snap Samples ’23 – Cover
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men’s FUDGE

men’s FUDGE – Volume 156: Snap Samples ’23

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Japanese men’s fashion magazine


This month's big feature theme is "SNAP SAMPLES." As written, this is a style sample issue that allows you to ``become a stylish European'', which can be considered as our role model.

Including past snaps carefully selected from a huge archive of over 1,000 and 2,000 items and "Snap Samples - London Edition / Paris Edition" that are unraveled from the latest photos, "Preppy Style" that continues to be of interest this season, and worries by age group ``Skincare'', ``brown color'' that we miss this season, ``knitwear'' that only selects the best, ``chiguhug'' style that combines different nuances, and ``outdoor clothing'' that is perfect for everyday use. This month's issue is full of special features that fill every page.

The latest issue is packed with even more useful information than usual for the upcoming autumn season, making it a worthwhile read. If you are interested, please purchase it at a bookstore, convenience store, or online.