Nytt Rom – Issue 68: The New in Old Issue


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NYTT ROM is a Norwegian magazine presenting Scandinavian design, architecture and living.

(Norwegian language only!)

NYTT ROMs content and overall message is based on professional knowledge and interest. With a personal touch and a sincere attitude, Nytt Rom makes a difference in the mainstream and often monotone mass of home decorating magazines. The magazine presents design and architecture through interesting people, whom by their enthusiasm point out and clarify the modern Scandinavian way of living.

Visiting a unique loft apartment in Nyhavn, we experience that the old and rare appearance is intact and makes a personal and interesting contrast and backdrop to a modern interior. The details of the architect’s Art Nouveau apartment in Oslo facilitate a perfect scene for the resident’s mix of antiques and modern design classics. In the rebuilt Copenhagen Silo’s high-ceilinged apartment, the old preserved constructions raw concrete walls give the place a personal and edgy look, and the rehabilitation of an old house at the west coast of Norway resulted in rooms and zones that have kept its original structures and materials. 

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