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Popeye – Issue 889

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POPEYE magazine is the “Magazine for City Boys”.


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The founders printed this on the cover of the magazine when it debuted in 1976. What’s a “city boy”? The term doesn’t appear in the dictionary and no expert panel could define it. So we felt we should explore every aspect of what this “city boy” might be. After decades of debate, it still makes for a topic of lively discussion. It can be a style or a way of thinking. To get an idea of what makes a city boy, read POPEYE magazine.  

Special feature: Tokyo guide for everyday use.

There is everything in Tokyo, but of course there are everyday things and everyday life.
"I'm hungry", "I want to change the flowers", "Would you like to stop by on your way home?"
Such stores aren't flashy, they're just normal, and they don't bother to brag to anyone.
However, I am familiar with my daily life and have the advantage of being able to use it as a matter of course.
And it will be a problem if it disappears.
It's a little happiness that there is such a store for everyday use, but it's good though I don't notice it.

This time, I changed my perspective from sightseeing and traveling.
A guide to Tokyo to make the days of Tokyo where you live, work, and learn something fun and comfortable.

This one book happens to be in Tokyo, but if you read it, you may be curious about the everyday use of your town.


● I want to go to that city.
I don't live there, but I have a nice purpose and there is a city I go to moderately. For example, Yoga.
The story of a city boy who wants to be healthy both physically and mentally.

● If you live in Tokyo now, which town should you choose?
Unlike so-called tourist guides, it's a little sober? But that's fine. Visit eight areas to see the time people spend and the shops they use.
1. West side of Yamate-dori / 2. Outside of Asakusa / 3. Town where Toei Bus Shiro 61 passes / 4. West of Odakyu Line / 5. Around Musashi-Koyama / 6. Shimotakaido / 7. Eifuku / 8 . Mitaka

● NEW OPEN A new store that you want to use everyday.
Some stores will disappear, but life in the town will continue. In fact, in Tokyo, where private stores are open and rushing, 12 stores that moved me to "I want to go to this store of this owner".

● INDEPENDENT RESEARCH IN TOKYO Free research to get to know Tokyo better
A survey of 10 people who usually have their own interests and face the city. If you read the research on "signboard menu" with the name of the store as the menu name, the latest research on new Okubo where Asian culture is mixed, etc., you may see "Tokyo-ness".

● I want to go closer. ~ The story of the town where I live.
A 1985 book by Masayuki Kusumi, who said, "I want to go closer."
And the story of the town where seven people contributed.
I wonder what it is like to use it everyday.
Junji Ishiwatari / Jiyugaoka / Makoto Ehara / Ohashi Ikejiri / Kazuki Iio / Shimouma / Rikiya Imaizumi / Shimbashi / Saya (Laland) / Hachioji / Rui Kounoike / Oimachi / Masayuki Kusumi / Mitaka

● EAT-UP GUIDE for everyday use
The story of Yutaro Furutachi, Moeka Shiozuka (Hitsujibungaku), the two of miz, Kochiraku Yanagitei, Sakiko Hirano, and so on.
With a list of 104 houses that Popeye editorial department usually uses.

Will you grow up? Interviewer, Elaiza Ikeda Guest, Riho Yoshioka
ONGAKU Three Themes Ryohei Matsunaga
The story of books and movies. Kawabe Moto
Feeling like Jeanne d'Arc ~ A brilliant peace activity diary ~ Maho Shimao
Stay Home Shopping Sek Mountain
Bonjour Paris Ramdane Touhami
Ascension Please! TAMURA KING

popeye notes
TET'S ROOM Toru Nishiyama
SING IN ME <.br> only walking notebook Isao Makino
What were you doing when you were 20? 10th Haruo Chikada
Sakiko Hirano
Tokyo Thailand Update Hitoshi Ohne
Poetry of youth madness Shugo Okamune
My BEST 3 DISHES Shunsuke Inada
T-SHIRT TO WATCH Movies, T-shirts and myself Kunichi Nomura
MADMEN Makoto Takimoto
Did you have such a job?
superrrrrrr ART WALL
City Boy's Melancholy & Next Issue Notice

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