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  • Shoes Master Magazine – Volume 37 (SS 22) – Cover
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Shoes Master

Shoes Master Magazine – Volume 37 (SS 22)

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Shoes Master is a shoes and sneaker magazine.


Every issue through our networks in the industry, we feature the best articles and information about the latest new models. Since we started out in 2004, we have been releasing issues twice a year in spring and autumn.

Since its inception in the spring of 2004, the shoes and sneaker magazine "SHOES MASTER" has been published twice a year at the end of March and the end of September. This issue, which is the 37th issue of the series, is entitled "Let's go out to the city in search of encounters with sneakers." We will deliver the latest spring and summer topics that sneaker lovers should know. A total of 268 pages.

[Special feature]
No city is more fun than Tokyo for sneaker lovers. In recent years, flagship stores of popular overseas shops have landed one after another, and new shops of various sizes have opened one after another. It's fun to walk around the city while checking them out. This special feature introduces sneaker shops in Tokyo that sneaker freaks should visit. Let's go out to the city in search of encounters with sneakers.

"Ask Hidefumi Hon, the future of Atmos and the whereabouts of the sneaker business"
After building an era with "Chapter", "Atmos" was developed in Japan and overseas. And sudden announcement of acquisition by "Foot Locker". How does the current sneaker scene look in the eyes of Mr. Hidefumi Motoaki, who has been at the forefront of this industry since the 1990s? And what are you looking at beyond that line of sight?

"Sneaker custom site"
The culture of custom sneakers is becoming more and more exciting. What kind of environment, what kind of materials and tools are used by custom makers, and what kind of work is done? I took a look at the atelier of the customizers.

"Love the" box "of sneakers"
There are a wide variety of sneaker box designs. Some are uniform and dull, while others are so cool that you want to decorate them. With the cooperation of Mr. Katsushige Kamamoto of "SKIT", we carefully select and introduce unique boxes that are worth loving as much as the sneakers inside.

SPECIAL CLOSE UP New Balance / adidas ENERGY Part2 / Mizuno Sports Style / Amazon Kicks
CLOSE UP “BRAND” NEW ITEMS 34 brand new models carefully selected by the editorial department
CLOSE UP “SHOP” NEW ITEMS Exclusive model of 8 shops carefully selected by the editorial department
The 12 best models of the season selected by the EDITOR'S SELECT editorial department
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