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Standart Magazine

Standart Magazine – Issue 05

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Print magazine about coffee culture and lifestyle.

In this edition:

In this chapter, Konrad Brits, the CEO of Falcon Coffees was writing about how lack of credit in coffee-producing countries has shaped supply chains in origin and inhibits sustainability. Just in time for the release of their film, Coffee Man, we speak with Jeff Hann and Roland Fravel about the visual and artistic side of coffee.

One of our favourite recurring columns is Barista 24/7, where we profile baristas around the world. This issue, follow along the work days of baristas in Sweden and Japan. In the second installment of our series on basic barista skills, Gwilym Davies offers insights on the art of milk steaming and pouring. We also met Michael Phillips, Director of Training at Blue Bottle Coffee, talking about educational approaches and hospitality from Los Angles to Tokyo, and the future of automation in coffee.

So now you’re hooked on espresso thanks to that great café that opened up down the street. But you can’t quite make it in every day—or you can’t make it in three times a day—and you’re wondering just how to get your fix. If this sounds like you, it’s time to consider the art of home espresso.

The coffee experience isn’t anything without people to share it with, and that’s why we love this chapter! It’s a well-known trope that bartenders have half a novel under their belts, but the gentle art of cocktail-making can slake the creative propensities of many a germinating artist. Fyodor Kuzmichev certainly thinks so, and has seen fit to craft a delicately wrought description of his ventures into the endeavour, and subsequent Dantean exploration of the cocktail underworld.

Did you know that Standart is available in 49 countries (and counting)? The love of coffee is global, and our world chapter allows us to explore the drink in its many forms. In this issue, Tim Varney, co-founder of the World Areopress Championship, walks us through the silly history and the exciting future of the coffee community’s most delightful competition.researcher at the University of Chicago takes us through the intellectual history of the coffee shop in Baghdad, and allows us to appreciate the rich history of coffee across geographical borders and expanses of time.

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