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BranD Magazine

BranD Magazine – Issue 47: Look Forward

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BranD is an international bi-monthly magazine, focusing on multidisciplinary communication design from Hong Kong.

BranD defines a new way to look into Communication Design by presenting, researching and manifesting excellent works amongst Visual Art, Advertising, Product, Graphic, Interior, Architecture, etc. Every issue not only expends around numbers of high-quality visual features to seek the real content and values behind different forms of communications, but also includes in-depth observation articles andcolumns from the industry’s leading organizations and individuals. The Community section brings the designers, artists, art directors, marketing specialists, and business strategists together to seek the multidisciplinary creative methodology behind communication design for businesses.

Look Forward

BranD 47 – Look Forward | Human’s curiosity for future is an eternal theme. The never-ending exploration in every field, like from photosource to three-primary colors, from a musical note to a melody, from symmetry to asymmetry, from earth to moon, brings us closer to the future. And what does future mean? With repeated observation, I find what decides the future in countless things that happen repeatedly here and now. Therefore, it is better to discover what is enduringly unchangeable rather than explore what will be replaced and what will be popular. These unchanging things embody profound philosophy, rich history and moving stories, which are the most valuable cultural symbols to human.
2020 is approaching. Science and technology, community and education are changing people’s lifestyles. And design continues to try solving human’s problems in life. BranD is not going to make any design predictions in this issue, but to observe the classic elements or symbols which will be used repeatedly in future design.

Highlights of this issue:

No.1—Dynamic Magazine Cover

Applying the principle of optical grating, we make two dynamic front covers. Readers can move the PVC book jacket up and down to check out how the different eye illustrations shift on the cover. This design echoes with the theme of this issue—Look Forward. And with the contents about six classic elements in design, we are able to see more possibilities in future design from six different perspectives and gain diverse inspiration.

No.2—Six Topics to Discuss the Future

This issue will contain six topics including Variant, Minimalism, Gray, Blue, Graphics and Comics. From multiple scopes of discussion, we are able to explore the designs making breakthroughs between change and immutability and see how we could be brought to a more real future.

No.3—Exclusive Interviews with Designers and Artists

In this issue, we will reveal the exclusive interviews with multiple modern artists such as Tyler Spangler, D*Face as well as Ben Frost, designers such as Atsushi Ishiguro, and design studios like YOY. Through these interviews we can discuss together the establishment of a better future.

No.4—The Presentation of Classic Elements

Among the six topics, the classic elements are being collected, processed, and turned into many new designs. We in this issue have gathered all these classic elements to discuss how they present the sense of future through the rule—coping with shifting events by sticking to a fundamental principle.