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  • BranD Magazine – Issue 60: No. 9 Storm (Anniversary Issue) – Cover
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BranD Magazine

BranD Magazine – Issue 60: No. 9 Storm (Anniversary Issue)

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BranD is an international bi-monthly magazine, focusing on multidisciplinary communication design from Hong Kong.

BranD defines a new way to look into Communication Design by presenting, researching and manifesting excellent works amongst Visual Art, Advertising, Product, Graphic, Interior, Architecture, etc. Every issue not only expends around numbers of high-quality visual features to seek the real content and values behind different forms of communications, but also includes in-depth observation articles andcolumns from the industry’s leading organizations and individuals. The Community section brings the designers, artists, art directors, marketing specialists, and business strategists together to seek the multidisciplinary creative methodology behind communication design for businesses.

BranD Magazine – Issue 60: No. 9 Storm (Anniversary Issue)

BranD 60 – No. 9 Storm | Since 2012, BranD has walked through an inspirational journey of design with readers for 9 years. Issue 60 happens to be the last issue of 2021, and it is a good conclusion to the nine-year history of the editorial department. We are looking forward to a storm—more intense changes that can cut off all our old ideas and reconstruct a brand-new connection with the outside world. Therefore, in the 9th anniversary of BranD, we pick “No. 9 Storm” as the theme for Issue 60.

In this issue, we not only pay homage to 38 globally renowned designers and share their unique design philosophies and methods, but also invite 9 emerging designers or design studios from 8 different countries to discuss the future of design together. We hope to explore how a work is created and built within the process of stimulation, destruction and reconstruction. The readers can appreciate the classic designs while observing the most avant-garde trend in the design field currently. Let’s jump into the universe to talk with the greatest historical personages; fly toward the eye of storm to feel the crazy charms brought by design storm! If 10 years old represents a mature adult, BranD will always be a 9-year-old child. With childlike eyes, we will go on exploring the world wildly, unrestrainedly, sincerely, emotionally and simply. We will look forward to the New Year like a child, and run in the storm like a child. In the coming future, please feel free to give us more suggestions!

Each magazine comes with a storm-shaped card, which can be used as a bookmark or a decorative picture to make a “private storm” at home.