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BRUTUS Magazine

BRUTUS Magazine – Number 984

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Brutus (ブルータス) is a bi-weekly Japanese men’s magazine devoted to pop culture, lifestyles, and culture in Tokyo, Japan by Magazine House.


Once again this year, this season has arrived.
Introducing free and bold homes and lifestyles by domestic and international living masters whom Brutus met during the year.
Modern renovations by creators, a new community in Miyota, Nagano, where you can live in a masterpiece housing complex, and a group of houses in Northern Europe in the overseas edition.
The space created by free and selfish residents is a model of how to live!
BOOK IN BOOK is "a favorite chair".

table of contents

special feature
Living Space Studies 2023 Refreshing room.

Build a hut on the land of the washed-up lake and face the plants.
Shigeo Goto Editor / Nagisa Goto Video Editor

We will flexibly change your home according to your lifestyle.
Takashi Kumagai Creative Director, Stylist

A potter's atelier house that moves back and forth between two white-walled spaces.
Mutsumi Kagoshima Ceramic artist, artist

I have a house in the mountains of Kyoto. For deep and quiet "contemplation".
Masataka Haba <BACH> Representative, Book Director/Fan <Cafe Yoshi> Representative

Co-starring postmodern “ness” and street culture.
Makoto Ishikawa <LATITUDE> owner

Refreshing and plain architecture that snuggles up to your favorite furniture and crafts.
Hiroyuki Okabayashi Works at a manufacturer

The mountain where the architect played as a child is integrated into his parents' final home.
Naoko Nishiguchi mother (resident) / Ken Nishiguchi Architect

Morimura's house. Houses in the alleys scattered throughout the town.
Yasumasa Morimura Contemporary Artist

Scandinavian Modern

A Scandinavian house where Danish and Japanese aesthetics coexist, where you can feel the greenery and wind.
Malene Hvidt Architect, Designer / Nikolaj Lorentz Mentze Product and Interior Designer

The home of a couple of Finnish design masters.
Vuokko Nurmesniemi Designer / Antti Nurmesniemi Designer

Lives in Jacobsen's own residence, where the design philosophy resides in the details.
Bo Linnemann Architect, Graphic Designer, Professor

G House (now Tsudayama House)
Lived in Japan's first modernist house designed by a female architect.

A rich community nurtured in Miyota Town, Nagano Prefecture.
Wataru Kumano Product Designer / Tatsuya Maemura Concept Director / Ryo Muramatsu Editor, Planner

Setsumasa Kobayashi's 17th Year of Mountain Living Spatial Studies.
Head of Setsumasa Kobayashi <.RESEARCH>

CHAIR Why did you choose this chair?