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BRUTUS Special Collection: Living Space Archive

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Brutus (ブルータス) is a bi-weekly Japanese men’s magazine devoted to pop culture, lifestyles, and culture in Tokyo, Japan by Magazine House.


Combined book Living space studies ARCHIVE

Chapter 1
Living in a 40-year-old masterpiece of a townhouse left by a green architect.
Shigeki Hattori (graf) Representative

A retreat house that gives you a relaxing feeling.
Takayuki Fujii (non-native) designer

He built a hut on the shore of the lake where he had washed up, and started working with plants.
Shigeo Goto Editor/Nagisa Goto Video Editor

Flexibly change your home to suit your lifestyle.
Takashi Kumagai Creative Director, Stylist

He has a house in the mountains of Kyoto. To think deeply and quietly.
Yoshitaka Haba (BACH) Representative, Book Director/Fan (Kissa Yoshi) Representative

An organic spatial composition developed from the mental landscape.
Max Houtzager Creative Director / Sachi Endo Art Director

The mountain where the architect played as a child blends into his parents' final home.
Naoko Nishiguchi Mother (resident) / Ken Nishiguchi Architect

Creating a lifestyle that is uniquely ours in the natural environment of Tamba-Sasayama.
Tsuneki Kosuge, owner of archipelago / Erina Kamibayashi, owner of archipelago

His house has a picture window that captures Tokachi's nature.
Shoji Sasaki President of livestock company

A living experiment and editing room that makes use of materials.
Hiroshi Eguchi Distiller / Yuko Yamamoto Illustrator

A potter's atelier house that moves between two white-walled spaces.
Mutsumi Kagoshima Ceramic artist, artist

A baker's house surrounded by gentle light and tranquility that soothes the soul.
Keisho Nagaya (Moon and Pierrot) Owner

A small house like a mountain lodge built inside a brick warehouse.
Kosuke Otani (Kolonihave) Representative

Enjoy a comfortable and compact life under one roof.
Toshiyuki Iwai (CARNIVAL) owner, totem pole artist

A refreshing and plain architecture that goes well with your favorite furniture and crafts.
Hiroyuki Okabayashi Works at a manufacturer

Favorite items and room.
Yoshifumi Takeda Illustrator

Chapter 2 Taking Over a Home

White modernism was born from the friendship between Junzo Yoshimura and Genichiro Inokuma.
Inokuma-san's house in Denenchofu.

Photographer Yoko Takahashi.
My encounter with the house designed by Dan Miyawaki and then.

G Residence (currently Tsudayama House)
Living in a modernist house built by Japan's first female architect.

I will continue living here. Continuing to look at Japanese modernism,
The home of architect Takeo Takeo.

CABIN A small house where you can live with nature.
Villa Fukumura

Chapter 3 Artists’ Homes Artists’ homes.

Nara's house. A place where you can talk to yourself.
Yoshitomo Nara Artist

Morimura's house. Alley houses dotted around the town.
Yasumasa Morimura Contemporary Artist

Chapter 4 Life in New York and Scandinavia
Life in New York and Scandinavia.

Urban Industrial Still, Life:Donald Judd
A house that still maintains the purity of Donald Judd's philosophy.

A Scandinavian home where Danish and Japanese aesthetics coexist, where you can feel the greenery and wind.
Malene Hvidt Architect and Designer
/Nikolaj Lorentz Mentze Product & Interior Designer

Home of a Finnish design master couple.
Vuokko Nurmesniemi Designer / Antti Nurmesniemi Designer

Design philosophy resides in the details,
Takes over Jacobsen's home.
Bo Linnemann Architect, Graphic Designer, Professor

Chapter 5 Creating a Place Like No Other
Creating a place like no other.

A unique place to live in an apartment complex.
Renovate as many times as you like Mami Kami (Lucifer Research representative)
Renovation lessons learned from masterpieces: Noritaka Omoto works at a newspaper company
Seeing value in oldness Daisuke Takashima Shop Director

A work-life integrated home where you can enjoy your time at home to the fullest.
Complete renovation of a building Kazuo Narahara, owner of BALL HAIR
Creating a place open to the community
Kazunaga Sakashita (F-cast) designer,
<CRITIBA Design+Direction> Designer
Creating a new place
Kei Maeda Art director, photographer
/Yoshiko Takahashi Chef

I live in two locations, one a little far away.
Kaito Yamamoto Creator

A rich community nurtured in Miyota Town, Nagano Prefecture.
Wataru Kumano Product Designer
Tatsuya Maemura Concept Director
Ryo Muramatsu Editor, Planner

Setsumasa Kobayashi's 17th year of mountain living space studies.
Setsumasa Kobayashi〈. . . . RESEARCH〉

Language: Japanes