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  • Casa Brutus – Number 284: Yoshitomo NARA at HOME – Cover
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Casa Brutus

Casa Brutus – Number 284: Yoshitomo NARA at HOME

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Casa BRUTUS is a monthly publication from Magazine House. It is a lifestyle and design magazine that presents beautiful living topics such as design, fashion, architecture, gourmet food, travel, art, and more. The magazine is released on the 10th of each month. 

(Japanese language only!)

Yoshitomo NARA at HOME
Yoshitomo Nara and house

An interior where you can live with your favorite things.
What kind of work is produced from it?

Yoshitomo Nara is holding her first large-scale exhibition in 10 years in her hometown of Aomori.
The exhibition begins with the memory of a childhood home built on the horizon.
For Yoshitomo Nara, ``house'' is an important motif in his works, along with ``children'' and ``dogs.''
The space of the hut that I create is filled with memories from my childhood.
In addition, art and objects are beautifully displayed in their homes and studios.
Therefore, we conducted extensive research into Yoshitomo Nara's world from the perspective of "home".
We will trace the interior of the place where the work is created, the roots, the original landscape, and the archive of the work!

Yoshitomo Nara's interior is full of things but beautiful.
LIBRARY|A reading room that feels like it is enveloped in night, with a view of the grassland that can be seen far into the distance.
WORKSPACE|A casual yet harmonious and relaxing workplace.
RECEPTION ROOM|In a space with lots of blank space, works by young artists are displayed.
SHELF|The shelves where books, figures, and works coexist are also a treasure trove of playfulness.
LIVING | Art, objects, and Scandinavian furniture gathered in the bare minimum space.

Yoshitomo Nara's 40th year journey to his hometown, Aomori, where it all began.
Aomori Museum of Art Yoshitomo Nara: The Beginning Place Click here
[House] [Layered space-time] [Head as an island] [Travel]
[NO WAR] [Rock Cafe “33 1/3” and a small community]
[INTERVIEW] What Yoshitomo Nara thinks about on the opening day of his major solo exhibition.

A to Z
Keywords that unravel Yoshitomo Nara.

A chronology that traces the trajectory of the traveler Yoshitomo Nara.

Homemade items, collections, and things. A place where you can feel close to Yoshitomo Nara.

A photo collection by Yoshitomo Nara, a photography enthusiast.

A spot with Nara works that you can visit anytime.

100 self-selected works you should watch to get to know Yoshitomo Nara.

Separate appendix
[iPhone x Travel] To Aomori with iPhone 15 Pro.
A trip to Aomori that explores architecture, art, scenic views, and food.

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Language: Japanese