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  • Casa Brutus – Number 291: Well Designed Workspaces – Cover
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Casa Brutus

Casa Brutus – Number 291: Well Designed Workspaces

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Casa BRUTUS is a monthly publication from Magazine House. It is a lifestyle and design magazine that presents beautiful living topics such as design, fashion, architecture, gourmet food, travel, art, and more. The magazine is released on the 10th of each month. 

(Japanese language only!)

Workplaces and interiors.

Learn interior design from the workspaces of famous people!

The workspaces of designers and artists are full of interior design hints and ideas.
Because it is a place where the person's personality and sensibility are strongly expressed. In addition to the selection of masterpieces and famous furniture, and the ingenious use of space, some people change their workspace to suit their working style, and even say that their atelier is a work of art in itself. Also, "visitable" architectural offices with cafes and galleries are a trend. We will feature well-designed workspaces that will make you want to incorporate their essence into your home's interior!

New Atelier by NIGO®
NIGO®, is this another new workspace?

Otsumo Centre
The ultimate shared office by NIGO®. Nishiyama Toru (Fashion Designer)
Kawamura Kosuke (Artist)
Verdy (Graphic Artist)
NIGO® (Fashion Designer)
How to create a workspace, as discussed by the client and designer.
KYNE (Artist) x Futamata Koichi (Space/Product Designer)
Kashiwazaki Ryo (Designer) x Motoki Daisuke (Architect)
Interior Tips
Interior ideas learned from the workplace.
ULTRA STUDIO/Mukaiyama Yuji, Ueno Arisa, Sasada Yushi (Architect)
Takeda Yoshifumi (Illustrator)
KIGENZEN/Oonaga Masayuki, Aizawa Masako (Creative Director)
NOTA&design/Kato Shunsuke, Kato Kayoko (Designer/Planner)
Hayashi Takanori (Editor)
Maeda Mugi (Artist/Illustrator)
A detailed look at the work desk.
Fujiki Kumagai (eyewear designer)
YUNOSUKE (illustrator/graphic designer)
Hiroshi Eguchi (distiller)
Ko Mizutani (attached press)

Atelier Tour
You can go! A new workplace for architects and designers.
SUPPOSE DESIGN OFFICE/Makoto Tanijiri (architect/entrepreneur), Ai Yoshida (architect)
TERUHIRO YANAGIHARA STUDIO/Teruhiro Yanagihara (designer/creative director)
Puddle/Masataka Kato (architect)
KEIJI ASHIZAWA DESIGN/Keiji Ashizawa (architect)
DAIKEI MILLS/Keisuke Nakamura (designer)

Furniture that helps you get work done.

Milan Design Week 2024 Special Report!

Hoshi Yoriko's special series with original illustrations
Chasing a love story - the colours of love

Homma Takashi's TOKYO NEW SCAPES
Sakurai Sho's journey to learn about architecture.
Kashiyuka Shoten: From ancient times to modern times
Yuuma Tomoki's Miracle Closet
Nagayama Tomomi's design hunter
Kodera Keiko's restaurant forecast
Hoshi Yoriko's Casa's Nekomura-san
Chill Cars: well-designed cars that are loved across the ages.

Language: Japanese