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  • Fare Magazine – Issue 12: Copenhagen – Cover
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Fare Magazine

Fare Magazine – Issue 12: Copenhagen

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Fare is a food-focused travel magazine, exploring the depth of culture in a single city.

Each issue is guided by locals of the city. We try to use as many local writers, photographers, and illustrators as possible, so that in addition to expert insight, you also get a sense of the creative aesthetic.

It’s easy to fall in love with Copenhagen, a picturesque harbourside city that innovates with modern comforts, community living, and creative expression.

From swims at the pier to cosy candlelit afternoons, evenings spent cycling down sleepy historic streets, or rounds of Danish snaps and games at the bodega, Copenhagen always manages to match the mood and the moment.

In this issue we explore how Copenhagen progressed into the city it is today, and its status as one of the most exciting culinary destinations in Europe. From world-class bakeries to Michelin-star restaurants, refined plates of smørrebrød to late-night flæskesteg sandwiches, in this issue we explore both the “cool” and the classic in the Danish capital.

We also journey into the city's most unique creative spaces, such as the Flora Danica workshop, where a small handful of artisans create some of the world's most precious porcelain by hand, or the noma test kitchen, where a talented team develops all of the dishes for the renowned restaurant.

Join us in Copenhagen and settle in for a journey through the Danish capital, told through the stories old and new.

In Fare: Copenhagen:

  • Peek into the unassuming workshop where a handful of gifted artisans continue to create Flora Danica porcelain as its been made for the last 200 years
  • Experience the magic of fællesspisning – Danish communal dining – at Absalon, a renovated church turned community centre
  • Spend an afternoon on the pier at La Banchina, a Copenhagen spot for all seasons: wine bar, swimming spot, and sauna
  • Step inside the noma test kitchen, where recipes and dishes are developed for the pioneering Nordic restaurant
  • Hear tales from vognkørselen, the rowdy, alcohol-fuelled graduation parade for local students

200 pages of full-colour photographs, illustrations, original articles, interviews and essays

170mm x 240 mm, lithographically printed on Munken Print White and Amadeus Silk stock; perfect bound

Language: English