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  • Fare Magazine – Issue 7: Antwerp – Cover
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Fare Magazine

Fare Magazine – Issue 07: Antwerp

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Fare is a food-focused travel magazine, exploring the depth of culture in a single city.

Each issue is guided by locals of the city. We try to use as many local writers, photographers, and illustrators as possible, so that in addition to expert insight, you also get a sense of the creative aesthetic.

In Fare Issue 7: In Antwerp, old tram-lines wind through cobbled streets, and the gentle lean of the city’s many well-preserved Baroque buildings creates a storybook texture with which you take it all in.

Sitting by the old city docks (first laid by Napoleon) we learned of Antwerp’s storied pasts, and in studios across the city contemporary designers showed us how their pushing its present. In the heart of Antwerp, artisans demonstrated the craft of a medieval-rooted diamond industry, and as we wandered through backstreets we sipped sour Lambic beers at rustic wood-panelled bruine kruig bars, before working up an appetite and heading out to fill our bellies. From table-side service at French-Belgian bistros, to an old-school Flemish institution you bring everyone and their grandmother, we saw and ate it all in Antwerp—without forgetting to sample the fries.

Specs: 170mm x 240mm, ~196 pages, lithographically printed on Arctic matt and Cyclus Offset stock; perfect bound.