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Farta – Issue #3: Rabanada

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Farta is a beautiful magazines, that aims to show the value of traditional Portuguese dishes.

An hybrid between a magazine and an artistic platform, the project takes on Portuguese recipes and culinary traditions that are widely consumed but less celebrated; the first edition is all about francesinha.

Issue #3: Rabanada

An ode to one of the most popular desserts in the world — beyond Portuguese borders — that stirs spirits and brings back memories, that fills bellies and warms hearts. Fine dining restaurants and bakeries, made of wine and blood (yes!), are covered in this magazine beyond what is conventionally thought about their potential.

With many faces — the rabanada — from sweet to savory, from beautiful to ugly, from perfectly geometric features to a deformed piece of bread. Especially because the physical object that will soon reach your hands ends up being eye-catching, offering one of the deepest family connections through the excellence of its simplicity. And so the function is fulfilled.

With the special collaboration of Álvaro Martino, Ana Maria Henriques, Arlei Lima, Carlos Fernandes, Catarina Oscarina, Diogo Lopes, Hayley Kelsing, Helena Sofia Silva, Joana Barrios, José Guilherme Marques, Liliana Fontoura, Mariana Malhão, Mariana Valle Lima, Marita, Pedro de Queirós Tavares, Pedro Lopes, Rival Designer Maker, Rosa Molinero Trias and Soraia Martins.

112 Pages
Biannual (Portuguese / English)