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  • Foam Magazine – Number 65: Talent – Cover
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Foam Magazine

Foam Magazine – Number 65: Talent

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Foam is all about photography

Foam Magazine is an international photography magazine published by Foam Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam twice a year.

Foam Magazine has been awarded several prizes for its high-grade graphic design and the quality of its content. Most recently, Foam Magazine was awarded the Lucie Award for Photography Magazine of the Year in 2017 and 2019.

The Foam Magazine Talent 2024-2025 Issue brings together 20 innovative voices in photography from across the world. The selected artists create thoughtful reflections of our times: some allow us to see the world as it was through its archives, others bear witness to today’s sociopolitical affairs and some step into the future by inviting new technologies into their practice. Are we at a crossroads of the medium? In any case, change is inevitable.

In addition to the portfolios, we are also delighted to present in this Talent Issue enlightening conversations between Korean curators Sunyoung Kim and Hyunjung Son, and between Foam Magazine and our long-standing Foam Talent partner Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation, represented by Anne-Marie Beckmann and Mariama Attah. The four of them discuss, each with their unique perspective, the present and future of photography within their institutions. Additionally, our beloved On My Mind features Nicholas Muellner and Rosângela Rennó, and we give a peek at the Bookshelf of Aperture’s very own Brendan Embser.

Eleonora Agostini, Lalo de Almeida, Cristóbal Ascencio, Mariama Attah, Henri Badaröh, Taco Hidde Bakker, Anne-Marie Beckmann, Felipe Romero Beltrán, Daniel C. Blight, Florian Braakman, Gilda Bruno, David Campany, Daniel Castro Garcia, Sander Coers, Claartje van Dijk, Rehab Eldalil, Brendan Embser, Shwe Wutt Hmon, Katy Hundertmark, Hyunjung Son, Lebohang Kganye, Mirjam Kooiman, Zeynep Kubat, Amitava Kumar, KyeongJun Yang, Issam Larkat, Erin McFadyen, Akshay Mahajan, Thero Makepe, Lekgetho Makola, Marisol Mendez, Tanvi Mishra, Philip Montgomery, Serubiri Moses, Anne Muellner, Nicholas Muellner, Aya Musa, Ricardo Nagaoka, Pelumi Odubanjo, Andrea Orejarena, Valeria Posada- Villada, André Ramos-Woodard, Rosângela Rennó, Sunil Shah, Sheung Yiu, Aaryan Sinha, Val Souza, Caleb Stein, Sunyoung Kim, Maryam Touzani, Daria Tuminas, Jon Uriarte, Markha Valenta, Jaclyn Wright, Pete Wu, Xin Li, Cansu Yıldıran, Bahar Yılmaz, Yining He, Amin Yousefi

Faceless, 2023. Image from the series (Inter)Faces of Predictions © Sheung Yiu, courtesy of the artist

Language: English