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  • GO OUT Livin’ – Volume 18 – Cover
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GO OUT Livin’ – Volume 18

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Full of fashionable room styles


Fulfilling indoor time.
Take a look at the rooms of people who live and enjoy what they love.

01 A place where art is born at the foot of the mountain, renovated with friends. /Hokuto City, Yamanashi Prefecture
02 A log house with a rustic car that stands out and is perfect for coffee time. / Hayama Town, Miura District, Kanagawa Prefecture
03 I'm sure you'll want to imitate it. Feel comfortable and not feel cramped while being surrounded by the things you love. /Osaka-shi, Osaka
04 Communication is important. Pursuing ease of living by fulfilling the homeowner's preferences. /Chiba City, Chiba Prefecture
05 American and home feeling, the wonder of mixing. A playground for fun friends. /Suwa District, Nagano Prefecture
06 Careful consideration of materials and precise calculations. A furniture craftsman's home that exudes respect for the background. / Machida City, Tokyo
07 Using aesthetic sense and logic, tools for going out into the wild can be turned into picturesque interiors. /Tokyo
08 A spacious Heike home built with the utmost care by an outdoor enthusiast. /Fujikawaguchiko Town, Yamanashi Prefecture
09 “This is a happy place.” Your own garage backs up your daily life. /Shiga Prefecture
10 A mixture of interiors created by things that stimulate the senses. /Aichi Prefecture, Nagoya City
11 This is the right place. Vintage furniture and gear add expression to your home. /Saitama
12 A variety of gear from many different hobbies are condensed onto a dirt floor using D.I.Y. /Owariasahi City, Aichi Prefecture
13 Although it looks messy, it is a carefully calculated private space. /Itabashi-ku, Tokyo
14 An industrial house that clearly reflects the couple's collecting habits. / Meguro-ku, Tokyo
15 Add new value without eliminating the old. The real thrill of renovation. /Aichi Prefecture, Nagoya City
16 Truly hardcore. D.I.Y. enthusiasts see richness in handmade products. / Kakamigahara City, Gifu Prefecture
17 Greenery breathes along the path of light and wind. A room that grows with plants. / Kofu City, Yamanashi Prefecture
18 An experimental renovation where family connections and individual spaces coexist comfortably. / Nisshin City, Aichi Prefecture
19 Change with the landlord. The “blank space” on the lauan wall reflects your current mood. /Taito-Ku, Tokyo
20 An attic-style shared house in Paris where a young painter lives in a life-sized room. /Suginami-ku, Tokyo
21 A rustic detached house with a garage fell in love with a couple who love industrial things. /Itabashi-ku, Tokyo
22 Realize an ideal home that appeals to your aesthetic sense, blending the essences of each other. / Sennan District, Osaka Prefecture
23 Cherish the good old values. Raising an American child in Chichibu, which is full of nature. / Chichibu City, Saitama Prefecture
24 Bring outdoor activities to your home. A house that exudes the essence of camping in every corner. /Haibara District, Shizuoka Prefecture
A relaxing space created by the comfort of 25 tatami mats combined with vintage furniture. /Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture
26 I can hear my family's footsteps. Subtractive renovation with no walls or dead ends. /Saitama
27 I shut myself up in a Western-style building and immerse myself in my handicrafts. An elegant photographer's home. /Okayama City, Okayama Prefecture

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