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  • Golf Out – Issue 03 (by Go Out) – Cover
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Golf Out – Issue 03 (by Go Out)

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The new genre of the separate GO OUT series is "Golf" !! "GOLF OUT" centered on golf fashionch month. 

(Japanese language only!)

How to enjoy golf, not just the score.

Mix golf clothes for everyday life, mix everyday clothes on the golf course,
His golf style, which he enjoys in his own way, is good.

Even people who don't play baseball wear baseball caps, people who don't ride skateboards wear skate shoes, people don't paint but they own painter's pants, and I like military wear. So why not enjoy golf wear in your own style in your daily life?

In this issue, we introduce golf MIX as a theme, as we have seen the release of highly fashionable items that make you feel this way, and we see people who are already putting it into practice. If you like golf, you can feel it in your daily life, and it even has functionality as sportswear. Wearing golf clothes anywhere is actually recommended!

Language: Japanese