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Highlevel Zero

Highlevel Zero Dining Club – Number 03

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Magazine about non-alcoholic hospitality and culinary

Dive into 32 pages of extraordinary content within our large-format magazine (32 cm x 47 cm). Immerse yourself in the zero-proof lifestyle through our carefully curated content, spanning fashion, delightful food pairings, insightful interviews, and compelling essays.

But that's not the end of the story – our magazine transforms the final page into a chic poster, perfect for decorating your fridge or any space you desire. It's not just a magazine; it's a versatile piece of art.

Our sobercurious movement, marked by curiosity and embraced sobriety, is in its early stages. While our community may not be vast, its power lies in its global reach and diverse connections. We are dedicated to fostering a supportive network where individuals from every corner of the globe can gather, learn, and flourish.

To ensure our magazine resonates with a wide audience, we've chosen English as our printed edition's language. By doing so, we aim to bridge cultures, dismantle language barriers, and bring together like-minded individuals worldwide. Come, join us on this journey, as we celebrate the allure of sober curiosity, connecting hearts and minds across the globe.


02 Editorial
03 QUESTIONAIRE: Trockendock / Sober Fan Club Initiative for FC St.Pauli Soccer Club
04 FOOD PAIRING: Le Tour de Sans / Pedaling for pure enjoyment
08 FASHION: A Clear Stance / From Oslo to L.A. taking a stylish night out
18 MUSIC: Godfather of House / The sober roots of clubbing
19 PEOPLE: Laura Silverman / Mapping the sober globe
20 BAR: Tales from the Bar / Mocktails with a twist
24 PEOPLE: It´s a Woman´s World / Nathalie Ballion´s epic cycling adventures
26 FOOD PAIRING: Coffee Time / Artistically designed & delicious D
28 REVIEW: Life is Sparkling / Fancy bubbles on review<br>
29 ESSAY: Say Yes to No! Sodaklub´s take on freedome
31 People: Holger Schwarz / Can you trade wine and don´t drink it?
32 Pink Cloud / All in all it´s just another pic for the wall

Language: English