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Magazine B

Magazine B – Issue 20: Guiness

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Magazine B is an ad-less monthly publication that introduces one well-balanced brand unearthed from around the globe in each issue. between its covers, Magazine B not only shares untold stories behind the brand but also its sentiment and culture that any readers interested in brand marketing and management can leaf through with ease.

Guinness was first started when its founder Arthur Guinness leased an abandoned factory building for his brewery business. This Irish brand has become the only ale brewer to make into the mainstream of alcoholic beverage industry, while simple and clean tasting lager beer has attracted majority of beer drinkers around the globe. Unlike other rival companies with keen interest in business expansion, Guinness keeps up with its efforts in developing relevant technology to achieve perfection in taste and thus present “a perfect PINT of Guinness” any time, anywhere.

A few cold pints on a night out. Many people enjoy beer only as a refreshing thirst-quencher.

Before delving into the Guinness brand, B took a closer look at beer, which is largely classified by yeast type — surface-fermenting or bottom-fermenting. B also examined some popular brands from Ireland and Britain.

Types / Stout

Guinness is an ale, and ales have gained massive popularity around the globe. Every August, London hosts the world’s largest ale festival, attracting more than 700 brands. The editors had the chance to talk with participants and find out what ale means to them.

This section delves into the Irish beer company’s signature product line, along with their pint glasses, devices for ensuring that even canned or bottled beer tastes its best, and souvenirs.

Line Up / Pint Glass / Implements

To ensure the taste and quality of Guinness beer sold around the globe, Guinness has a quality assurance team in every country. These teams grant a Master Quality Certificate to sales outlets that pass the company’s own Perfect Quality Program.

Some people are very discerning about the beer they drink. These people also tend to enjoy distinctive clothing and accessories.

Guinness has symbolic meaning for the people of Ireland. Irish pubs are famous for their friendly crowds, drinks and food. B hopped down to one to experience the unique pub atmosphere.

Beer / Menu / Symbols

77 B’S CUT
B captured the defining moments of “a perfect pint of Guinness.”

Guinness first started as a small brewery in an abandoned factory at the Dublin dockyard, in 1759. B looked closely at what the Irish beer manufacturer has been up to since. Its growth was made possible by its founder, Arthur Guinness, who combined business acumen with a centuries-old recipe.

Advertisements / Spots / Irish Jokes / Diageo

The deep color and rich taste that fill a Guinness pint glass hint at the company’s ceaseless efforts to achieve “perfection.”