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Offscreen – Issue 20

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Published three times per year in beautiful print, Offscreen Magazine is a thoughtful deep-dive into the entrepreneurial spirit and creative thinking of people working with technology.


Richard Pope Ensuring a more open society in the digital age by putting power back in the hands of citizens and consumers.

Amber Case The Calm Tech pioneer offers a more elegant, humane, and unobtrusive approach to designing technology.

Aza Raskin Guarding the sanctity of the human mind: can we regain our attention and keep our grasp on what’s real?

Tricia Wang Big Data needs Thick Data: an ethnographer’s call to fight quantification bias and make the unmeasurable visible.

Table of contents

Stranger Things
Food for thought by Molly Flatt.

The Framing of a Now-Moment
Food for thought by Alex Warren.

A collection of projects and ideas worth exploring, curated by Kai Brach.

Richard Pope, the designer and advocate with a vision for governments and companies that encourage an open, participatory society.

A Day With
Spend a day with Sara Soueidan.

A Day With
Spend a day with Álvaro Vargas.

Amber Case, the researcher and author analyses how individuals and cultures think, act, and thrive in a tech-driven world..

Rules of Business
Guiding principles for doing business, by Lina Patel.

A collection of useful and beautiful office products, curated by Kai Brach.

Aza Raskin, the design thinker on how society’s interaction with technology is the fundamental problem of our time.

Sean McGeady speaks to Anne Kjær Riechert, co-founder of the ReDI School for Digital Integration, a Berlin-based non-profit that helps refugees learn tech skills and start a new career.

A tour around the offices of Headspace, Mozilla, Slack, TRA, and WIX.

Tricia Wang, the global tech ethnographer offers a human-scale model for organisations obsessed with data.

Ten Things I’ve Learned
Ashanya Indralingam and Ramsey Nassershare ten life lessons from working on the web.

Looking back
With close to 90,000 copies shipped, featuring stories by more than 800 contributors, supported by 50 sponsors, hundreds of patrons, and thousands of loyal readers in over 60 countries, we check in with the 100 interviewees from past issues to find out what they are up to today.