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Offscreen – Issue 21

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Published three times per year in beautiful print, Offscreen Magazine is a thoughtful deep-dive into the entrepreneurial spirit and creative thinking of people working with technology.


Kim Goodwin The leadership coach believes effective human-centred design requires better decision-making – not pixel-pushing.

James Bridle Rise against the machines: the artist and writer warns of a future clouded and dominated by technology.

Renée DiResta The research pioneer who helps to expose the spread of disinformation and conspiracy theories on social media.

Nathan Schneider Making work work for all: the cooperative model as an alternative to the robber-baron tech economy.

Table of contents

A New Mindset for a New Internet
Food for thought by Geoff Mulgan.

Stuck in the Liminal Space
Food for thought by Amy Thibodeau.

Kim Goodwin on measuring what matters, the (lack of) accountability in design, and the designer’s role in a company’s ‘decision tree’.

A Day With
Spend a day with Djuvane Browne.

A Day With
Spend a day with Irena Bakić.

James Bridle on machine-made realities, the flaws of computational thinking, and the opaqueness of today’s power structures.

Rules of Business
Guiding principles for doing business, by Tatiana Mac.

Renée DiResta on uncovering malign narratives on social media, the responsibility of Big Tech, and how we can protect both free speech and democratic institutions.

Bright Signals
Projects and ideas that help realise tech’s promise, curated by Kai Brach.

Nathan Schneider on business models grounded in communities, the shortcomings of our individualist culture, and the rise of tech cooperativism.

Ten Things I’ve Learned
Nandini Jammi and Tait Ischia share ten life lessons from working on the web.