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Offscreen – Issue 22

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An Alternative View on Technology

Published 2–3 times per year in beautiful print, Offscreen offers critical perspectives on our tech-driven futures through in-depth interviews with a diverse range of contributors.

Issue 22

Cennydd Bowles Calling for a new ethical awakening in technology and design – fuelled by individual and collective action.

Jenny Odell The author and artist on how we can rediscover the true value of time by doing nothing.

Paul Ford Deciphering the code of tech: a writer, programmer, and CEO interprets the power dynamics of today.

Anab Jain ‘The future is old’: the designer and educator explores uncertainties to build future worlds we can experience now.

Table of contents

Love Technically
Food for thought by Jennifer Hulst.

Innovation by Limitation
Food for thought by Fiona J McEvoy.

Cennydd Bowles on real life ethics, the fallacy of Design Systems, and individual action leading to collective action.

A Day With
Spend a day with Gabriela Garro Abdykerimov.

A Day With
Spend a day with Obembe Opeyemi.

Jenny Odell on a new interpretation of ‘productivity’, what ecology can teach us about the attention economy, and the importance of developing a sense of agency.

Rules of Business
Guiding principles for doing business, by Tom Greenwood.

Paul Ford on the power of code, straddling idealism and realism in the world of tech, and reevaluating the meaning of ‘technology progress’.

Bright Signals
Projects and ideas that help realise tech’s promise, curated by Kai Brach.

Anab Jain on the need for ‘staying with the trouble’, designing for interdependence, and why the future is plural.

Ten Things I’ve Learned
Milly Schmidt and Mig Reyes share ten life lessons from working on the web.