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  • & Premium– City Guide: Kyoto – Cover
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& Premium– City Guide: Kyoto

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The guide to a better life


In November 2013, the magazine "& Premium" was launched with the declaration of "The Guide to a Better Life". Since then, I have been trying to create magazines that are useful for better life, such as fashion, interior, daily necessities, beauty, food, travel, and culture. Not only can you relax and feel the joy of coming into contact with beautiful things, but you can also try to cherish the details one by one, try to find out the essence, take the time to do it, and do something good for your body. As a result, our basic policy is to be happy if we can live comfortably.

In this issue:

* This book is a re-edited, enlarged and revised excerpt from the serialized page of "&Premium" from May 2019 to November 2021.
In principle, the contents of the magazine are those at the time of first publication, and may be partially different from the present.

After all, Kyoto is a city walking guide.

The 4th edition of the popular Kyoto guide from the magazine "&Premium"!
This is a perfect book to accompany your trip to Kyoto and to read about the city of Kyoto today.

Yamato Mako's Kyoto Stroll Club

The city of Kyoto, where you can walk as if you were living there.

[Introduction area]
Jodoji / Imperial Palace East / Horikawa Shopping Street & Nishijin / Okazaki & Shogoin / Shugakuin / Randen / Around Nijo Castle
/Shichiku/Demachiyanagi Revisited/Kuramaguchi/Higashiyama & Gion/Saiin/Okazaki Revisited/Horikawa Matsubara

[Introduction theme]
Containers/Gifts/Vegetables/Art/Tea World/Books and Printing/Cooking Classes/Traveling Breakfast

[Special Edition]
Standard around town

A column to learn about Kyoto from a new angle

・Yoso's Kyoto
Yoso, who loves Kyoto, writes about her favorite spots (22 times).

・Occasionally life in Kyoto
Plants and Saijiki (22 times) to learn from Kyoto's flower shop "Mitate".

・Kyoto pudding tour
Introducing the well-known pudding shops, a neo-soul food in the town of coffee shops (for 22 times).

・Auspicious lucky charm
Eye-catching & lovely lucky charms (9 times).

・Seasoning Hunter
Essence that creates the taste of Kyoto (13 servings).

・Wrapping paper and box design
What the long-established design talks about (22 times).