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& Premium– Coffeebreak

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The guide to a better life


In November 2013, the magazine "& Premium" was launched with the declaration of "The Guide to a Better Life". Since then, I have been trying to create magazines that are useful for better life, such as fashion, interior, daily necessities, beauty, food, travel, and culture. Not only can you relax and feel the joy of coming into contact with beautiful things, but you can also try to cherish the details one by one, try to find out the essence, take the time to do it, and do something good for your body. As a result, our basic policy is to be happy if we can live comfortably.

In this issue:

Kissaten 100
About coffee shops.

My Memories
Memories of coffee shops.
YOU Asako Yuzuki, Isao Makino, Maki Nomiya, Katsumi Omori, Michiko Shimizu and others

Coffee shops where you can enjoy the space all over Japan.

A shop that makes a good sound.

Non-Coffee Specialties
To drink this cup.

Cups & Saucers
Drink in a vintage vessel from a famous kiln.
Namba Rina

Morning Meals
Morning charm.
Yoko Kawaguchi

Sweet Treats
sweet time.
Yoshiko Nagata, Yoshiyuki Morioka, Miyu Kotani, Takashi Matsumoto

Consider design and graphics.
Mitsuharu Yamamura

Meet the Owners
go see the master.
Akiko Kikuchi

Sakiko Hirano's Kissaten Foodlog
The coffee shop where Sakiko Hirano met, that taste, this taste.

Talk about coffee.

Keywords for good coffee.

My Coffee Life
my coffee life
Masahime, Yuka Kato, Atsuko Fukumoto, Keiko Maeda, Miyu Kotani, Kumiko Aso, Hiroko Ishikawa and others

Coffee Hopping Guide
Kyoto/Fukuoka coffee town walking guide.

New Generation Roastery & Cafe Book

Talking About Good Coffee
Talk about delicious coffee in the future.
Kentaro Maruyama Kenji Kojima Tomoyuki Otsuka Shugo Hayashi

Ready for Coffee
Sweets and coffee taught by professionals.
Tomoko Nagao Kiriko Nakamura