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  • Scandinavian MIND – Issue 03: Values in the Metaverse – Cover
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Scandinavian MIND

Scandinavian MIND – Issue 03: Values in the Metaverse

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Scandinavian MIND is a magazine covering the intersection of lifestyle and technology.

ATTENTION: The magazines comes with damages at the corner!

We believe that convergence of different fields is the way forward for technology, fashion, design, mobility, entertainment, gaming, and other industries.

As a magazine, it is our mission to shine a light on the people, projects, places, and products that impact the world in a positive way. We do this by telling engaging stories through writing, photography, film, and audio.

We have a global view with a Nordic mindset. We believe that our region’s core values — innovation, equality, sustainability, and social justice — is the perfect lens through which we should view the world.

Our content is aimed at early adopters, opinion leaders, industry insiders, and other curious minds that want to keep a close eye on the Scandinavian market and get an update on key global events.

The third print issue of Scandinavian MIND tests the water of the metaverse, to find out what makes it human. Delve into content on virtual fashion leaders, pioneering Nordic fashion-tech startups, digital make-up artistry, and an abundance of other topics that bridge lifestyle and technology.

One of two covers features NORA BAVEY, the general partner at Unconventional Ventures, a niche investment entity run by under-represented founders; i.e. women, LGBTQ+ and BIPOC. We met with Nora to talk about her personal mission of shining a light on venture capital’s huge challenge with homogeneity.

The other cover portrays an avatar version of KERRY MURPHY, founder and CEO of digital fashion house The Fabricant. Even though The Fabricant has been leading the way for direct-to-avatar fashion, Kerry has bigger plans. He wants to create a completely new digital fashion industry.

The issue features two major fashion specials. One covers the ins and outs of the digital fashion industry. We’ve spoken with global leading-edge designers, brands, and platforms that are paving the way for a fashionable virtual life.
The other special has two feet firmly planted in the physical world. It highlights Nordic fashion-tech startups, from 3D printed shoes to large-scale recycling facilities and initiatives turning Nordic forests into raw materials.
Also: exclusive interviews with Jesper Kouthoofd (Teenage Engineering), Ervin Latimer (Latimmier) Nanna and Simon Wick ((di)vision), Gala Marija Vrbanic (Tribute Brand), Karinna Grant and Marjorie Hernandez (The Dematerialised), Lotta Kopra (Spinnova), Mikael and Mahiar Afrooz (Roya Edition), Laura Olin (ZOAN) and many others.