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The Modern House

The Modern House Magazine – Number 03

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The Modern House Magazine is the ultimate guidebook to modern living.

Featuring originally commissioned photography, opinion pieces, long-form writing, interviews and more, we survey what it means to live in a thoughtful, considered way both in and out of the home.

The third issue of The Modern House Magazine is the first one to be made in a freer, more open world. As our homes transition back into places that are settings for impromptu occasions and unplanned moments, we make the most of this new-found freedom. On a late summer evening in west London, food innovator and artist Imogen Kwok hosts a casual dinner for her friends, and explains the design and art references that go into her cooking. Artist Catherine Hyland has spent the summer finding a sense of place and identity in the landscapes and fauna of Great Britain for a series of original photographs that take in the vastness of the Lake District, cows on the Isle of Skye and power stations in her native Midlands.

In Cornwall, our editor has a chance encounter that reveals the story of how a sleepy creek became a testbed for architectural ideas that would go on to define modernism in the closing decades of the 20th century, while high on the Tibetan plateau we visit Norlha, a brand working with nomads and their yaks to preserve a traditional way of life through modern means. In the South of France, Barbican architect Christoph Bon’s villa is lived in by custodians he appointed – they tell us why upholding his legacy is a life well lived.

All this, plus features with Rosh Mahtani of Alighieri, Junior Adesanya of Cremate London, architect Marcus Lee and a catch up with Assemble’s Granby Workshop project in Liverpool. Discover these stories, plus original artwork and bold photography, in issue No.3 of The Modern House Magazine.