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The Neighborhood (by Magazine B)

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THE NEIGHBORHOOD is a book that goes beyond the concept of space and tells the story of neighborhoods that care for individual lives and our relationships.

In retrospect, many people find positive and peaceful feelings when they think of or talk about the concept of neighborhood. This is probably because for some people, the neighborhood is another home, something they feel closer to than home. It may even be the direction and utopia of life. One thing is certain, the word 'neighborhood' has a warm warmth. When you ask the people around you, “What kind of neighborhood do you want to live in?”, you can clearly see that everyone was contemplating and smiling happily.

The six neighborhoods introduced in The Neighborhood have a common keyword, namely, the human scale: Körnerkiz in Berlin, Sharon in Paris, Seochon in Seoul, Greenwich Village in New York, Hampstead in London, and Venice in L.A. . And to the question, “What kind of neighborhood do you want to live in?”, answers for different reasons are given. These days, people are more interested in the quality of life I enjoy now than in the distant future. I hope this book will help you think more often about the neighborhood you want to live in and make your dreams come true.